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Slot Online Poker Tip of the Week

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Expert players must be fooled more often then poor ones. You must avoid playing similar hands the same way all the time. Sklansky/Malmuth 21st Century Edition Hold’em Poker


Poker is a simple game of cost, chance, payback. Sgt. Rock.


Patience pays its dividends during the periods when you’re losing and cannot pick up a playable hand. You have to keep throwing them away until you get one you like. Super/System


Overheard at the table this week. “I play the black pair of 7s more powerfully then the red 7’s.” Sheesh.


I throw away Aces. I always lose with them. Broke Hosh up, had him crying not only because she was serious but had him down 2000. She said it was not part of her sign. Ochewawa. Hosh has never been to successful against those astrological types.


Movie madness hit Vegas this week. All around the city shooting took place. The remake of Ocean’s Eleven was the talk of the town. Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, George Clooney and Scott Caan were the stars on the movie set. Noticing a young man wearing movie cowboy boots and a lot of makeup. Hosh asked how the movie was going. The young personable young man said fine. Later however, I see the young man on the rail watching my Slot Online poker game. Waving me over he asks me about the blinds and how the game was played. Shortly thereafter after I explain Hold’em to him. A gentleman with a beard comes over says Scott we are ready for you. He follows the gentleman to the set. Later in the evening Scott comes into the poker room in his blue jeans and asks if he can sit behind me and watch me play. Only then does he formally introduce himself as Scott Caan. He even asks Hosh if he wants to be in the movie. I advise him poker is the only stage for me to which he laughs. This big star watching little Hosh play poker reminded me of this weeks tip.


When you play poker on a daily basis you must take notice of the highs and lows of the opponents starting requirements. In a full ring game you must note the opponents lowest playing card and lowest pairs. Heads up you must know the lowest raising high card. What does this mean. Lets say you see an opponent in a full ring game and he only calls with hands down to a base card of ten. The weakest hand he calls with is JT or any hand with that contains a T or above. Now lets say the flop comes 883. You now feel a lot more comfortable bluffing the opponent. Now lets take at the lowest raising pair. If an opponent only raises down to 88 for which I call an unbalanced strategy and the flop comes down 654 it is not likely his hand contains trips although he may reraise you a few times even though you have and over pair. You are not in danger. Also because his raising pair uses and unbalanced strategy. You can take advantage of the opponent because he has more non pairs then pairs. A flop like 752 now becomes a bluffing situation. He probably does not have a pair most of the time and his high cards did not hit.


Next lets look at heads up and the lowest raising high card. First of all what does the lowest raising high card mean. Lets say and opponent only raises with any A2 or above his lowest raising high card is and ace. Now lets take a look at opponent who now raises down to Q6. His lowest raising high card is a Q. These cards as I call them are key cards. For example against the second opponent any A K Q are key cards. When one of those cards are on board be less likely to check raise or bet with a small pair out of the blind. If a J or T high flop hits the board. Be more likely to bet or check raise a small pair. Key carding opponents heads up becomes very profitable due to the volume of hands you are playing. Buy the way the first opponent just plays to tight and is cannon fodder.