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Doyle Brunson — Five Decades of Keluaran HkPoker and Still Going Strong!

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There will always be a young, up-and-coming poker aficionado who wins a million; there will always be a touching story about a sympathetic character who gets a break and wins more than he ever dreamed possible; there will always be a well-played hand, a great moment in poker, or a story worth retelling; however, there is only one legend of poker. There is only one man who has lived through five decades of poker with resolve, dedication to the game, and an endless passion for the purity of the competition. There is one man alone who deserves the utmost respect as a poker icon. That man is none other than Doyle Brunson, affectionately known as “Texas Dolly.”


After 50 years of trials and tribulations in the complex and ever-changing world of poker, Doyle continues to steadfastly demonstrate that gambling can be a respectable profession.


Besides every accolade he so richly deserves, Doyle is one Keluaran Hk class act. He is a gentleman with an endearing personality, a fabulous sense of humor, striking recall, and surprising humility for a man of his stature. When I asked him how it felt to be a poker icon, he shrugged and modestly responded that he was just a guy who liked to play poker.



Humble Beginnings

Born in Longworth, Texas, on Aug. 10, 1933, Doyle describes himself as a country farm boy who knew everyone in his small town. The entire population was fewer than 100 people, and most were farmers.


As is often the case with youngsters, Doyle wanted a way out of the small town. Since his father worked at a local gymnasium, it was a logical progression that he would go to the gym with his father and work toward an athletic scholarship. Because of his competitive nature, he found himself practicing continually. Doyle has that unyielding, relentless, winning drive; when he chooses to engage in an activity, he must be the best.


By the time Doyle was in high school, he was good enough to make the all-state team in basketball and he won the Texas state championship in the mile run, which earned him a scholarship to college and a ticket out of the small town. He was the second-best miler in the state’s collegiate ranks and was the MVP in his conference.


A young boy’s dreams came true when he was drafted by the NBA’s Lakers, then in Minneapolis. Just when young Doyle was on top of the world, the unthinkable happened. He recalls: “I got injured and busted up my knee. That ended whatever aspirations I had of becoming a professional athlete. It wasn’t easy to accept the fact that my career in sports was over, just like that.”