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Online Gambling Bill Defeated – For Now

If you missed the news like I did, the US Senate bill to limit Internet gambling suffered a demise – but not for the reasons that you might think, such as politics. No, it’s apparently because of the way some online payment transactions areconducted, which leave no way for banks to monitor them. Read more/ find relevant links at Payments News.


Strip Poker Tournament

200 poker players will enter a strip poker tournament tomorrow (Aug 19) in England.


Vegas Events + Answers

If you’re not familiar with Ning.com, it’s a site that has plug’n’play modules that let you build social networking web services for free. Greg, who lives in Las Vegas, sent out emails to Ning.com members and mentioned two applications he’s set up.


So if you’re headed for Vegas, you may want to check out his Cbetcasino Vegas Events (complete with Google Map) and Vegas Answers websites. Pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about or do in Vegas. And if yo have a question about Vegas that’s not answered, he’ll answer it.


I signed up as a Ning developer late last year, but I haven’t come up with anything worthwhile. Though some tells me that a very cool social networking app involving poker exists in the ether, and someone just has to discover it. Six Degrees Of Separation in the professional poker world, maybe?