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Basic Poker Rules of Betting

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In order to play poker you must understand the rules of betting.


Before a Poker game can begin each player must place an ante into the middle of the table, which now becomes known as the pot. The ante can be any amount, but a betting limit should be established before any cards are dealt. Once everyone has contributed to the pot, the dealer will proceed to deal the cards clockwise face down to each player in the game. Each player will receive one card at a time, and once everyone has a total of five cards the Poker game will commence.


After each player looks at his cards, the first player to the left of the dealer will initiate the betting. This player has the option to “open” the betting or “check”. Opening the betting simply means that the first bet is made, and checking means that the player does not desire to make the first bet but does not wish to quit the hand either.


Once someone opens the betting, there are now three options from which to choose: “see”, “raise”, or “fold”. When you “see” another player, it means that you match their bet. “Raising” someone demands that you first see the previous bet and than increase the bet amount. To “fold” means that you give up because you feel that your hand is too weak to compete.


After all betting has occurred the players that have chosen to remain in the Poker game are now permitted to replace the cards that they do not Unique Casino want with new ones. All players are allowed to exchange three cards, or four cards for any player who has been dealt an Ace. No one sees what anyone else discarded (threw away) or drew (got as a new card). This entire exchange process is done face down. At this point, another round of betting ensues. Once again you have the option of “opening” or “checking”, and once someone opens you can “see”, “raise”, or “fold”. The Poker game ends when there are no more raises, or everybody but one player folds. Now, all of the remaining players must turn their cards face up. The player with the highest hand wins the pot of money in the middle of the table.